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What is Quicken Bill Pay?

Quicken Bill Pay is an online payment service that allows you to pay your bills directly from within Quicken. Quicken Bill Pay stores your payee information for you, so whenever you make a new payment, account numbers and payee information appear automatically.

What Quicken Bill Pay plans are available?  How much does Quicken Bill Pay cost?

There are two Quicken Bill Pay plans available for Quicken users.  The Quicken Monthly Plan is $9.95 per month for Starter and Deluxe customers; the Quicken Subscription Plan is free with a membership purchase of Premier and above.  

The paid Quicken Monthly Plan includes 20 transactions per month for $9.95, with a $5.00 charge for 15 additional transactions.

The free Quicken Subscription Plan includes 15 transactions per month for free, with a $5.00 charge for 15 additional transactions.

Which Quicken releases will have free Quicken Bill Pay?

The 2018 release of Premier (for Windows and Mac) and Home, Business & Rental Property (for Windows) include free bill pay.

How much is bill pay for Starter and Deluxe?

$9.95 a month, with a 30-day free trial.

What happens if my Quicken membership is cancelled or expires?

You can continue to go to the Bill Pay website and make payments directly there.  If your membership previously included free bill pay, you'll be automatically charged $9.95 per month for bill pay, unless you cancel your bill pay account.

Can I use my existing Quicken Bill Pay account with a Quicken Subscription?

If you use Quicken Bill Pay with any Quicken for Windows product or Quicken for Mac 2007, when you upgrade to the 2018 Release you'll need to cancel your existing bill pay account and open a new bill pay account in order to continue using bill pay with Quicken.

What happens to Quicken Bill Pay users who don't upgrade to a membership plan (2018 release or later)?

You will continue using the Bill Pay with your existing account; you don’t need to cancel your Bill Pay account, or create a new one, unless you upgrade to the 2018 release.


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