Quicken Cannot Find Any Transactions That Match the Current Date and Customization Settings


When drilling down on a report, after converting your file from MS Money, you may receive the following message:

Quicken cannot find any transactions that match the current date and customization settings. Try selecting another date range, or click Customize to modify the selected accounts, categories, tags, and so on.


  1. Click Tools on the menu bar, and then choose Category List.
  2. Select the affected category, and then click on Edit.
  3. Without making any changes to the category, click OK on the Edit Category window.
  4. Click File on the menu bar, and then choose Validate.
  5. Select your data file, and click OK.
  6. After the validation is complete, you will be able to drill down in your reports.
  7. Repeat steps 2 - 6 for any other categories still experiencing this behavior.


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