Quicken Mac 2015 Latency or Hang Using Update All


IMPORTANT NOTE: This article pertains to Quicken Mac 2015 only. If you are not using this specific product/version, please do not continue with this article.

When using Update All Online Accounts in Quicken Mac 2015 (v 2.4.x), some customers may encounter extremely slow performance (latency) or a Quicken appears to "hang".

We have been able to define potential work-arounds while the final solution is built for a product update.


  • Uncheck the Automatically Download Quotes under Quicken > Preferences > General.
  • Turn off Mobile Sync in Quicken > Preferences > Mobile & Alerts before the Update All Online Accounts is performed.
  • Try to update each account one at a time to see if this points to a particular account(s) or financial institution(s) that may be having trouble updating or may be creating a "Connection Timed Out" condition.
  • Try turning off Clean Up Payees preference (Quicken > Preferences > Connected Services).

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