Quicken Mac 2015 New Process for Quicken Connect Accounts

 Quicken Mac 2015 v. 2.6 introduces a new mechanism for updating and presenting data for Quicken Connect-activated accounts.

Prior to 2.6, Quicken Mac relied on a background server process called QOL, a remnant of the old Quicken Online product (discontinued in 2009). As time passed, it became harder to keep these servers updated with the latest security technology, due to their age.

In order to keep our security measures current and of the highest security available, it became necessary to transition Quicken Connect process over to the existing secure servers already utilized for mobile sync in Quicken Mac 2015.

For this reason, data files that have Quicken Connect-activated accounts will display the sync processes during an update. This does not mean that these accounts are added to a mobile sync database, which requires the Quicken User to turn on this feature.

How do I confirm my accounts are not being added to a mobile sync database?

 Go to Quicken > Preferences > Mobile & Alerts. Accounts presented here that have checkmarks but are grayed out (unable to change) are Quicken Connect ONLY and not added to mobile sync.

Accounts that are connected for Direct Connect or are manual (no online update activated) accounts presented here should not have checkmarks in a file that does not have Mobile Sync activated.


What if I receive an email Alert advising me of specific account activity?

 Quicken > Preferences > Mobile & Alerts > Alerts tab may display Alerts that have checkmarks next to them. Uncheck these, if you do not want to receive the email Alerts.

These are typically unchecked by default in any file that has never activated Mobile Sync. A file that had Mobile Sync activated at any point in time may still have those Alerts selected from that prior activation.

If you're seeing these Alerts as sidebar pop-ups in Quicken, check the Don't Show Alerts in Notification Center checkbox at the bottom of the Alerts screen in the Preferences location listed above.

I've turned off Mobile Sync, disabled Alerts and deactivated all Quicken Connect accounts. Why is Quicken still connecting to mobile sync?

 All accounts, regardless of Activation type (Direct Connect, Quicken Connect or Web Connect) will still connect to the servers if Clean Up Payees is turned on. This is Quicken Mac 2015 version of "Renaming Rules" that converts the (frequently hard to read) Payee names retrieved from the bank into more commonly used names.

For example, the bank may present the Payee as:


This Payee may most commonly be renamed to Albertsons Grocery Store by the vast majority of customers, so Clean Up Payee will change entries with this bank name to read as the common name. The only way for this rule to be enacted is to connect to the servers and collect the Automatic Categorization data.

To turn this off, go to Quicken > Preferences > Connected Services and uncheck the Clean Up Payees box.

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