Quicken Online Backup

Online Backup has added a new icon and options to your computer.

Double clicking this icon (located in the lower right of your desktop, in the System Tray) will launch the Online Backup main application. Right clicking on it will display a menu of items.

To start using Online Backup to protect your important files and data please follow these steps:

  1. Determine the data to back up.
  2. Select files and folders for backup.
  3. Determine your backup schedule.
  4. Verify your Internet Connection settings.
  5. Verify your backup:
    1. From the Start button, choose All Programs, Online Backup, and then Online Backup.
    2. Click the Backup button. The amount selected for backup will appear at the bottom right hand corner of the window, below the Start Backup button.

Depending on the amount of data being protected and the speed of your Internet connection, your first backup may take some time.  Intuit recommends letting it run until completion.  Future backups will take less time, as only the changes in your backup set will be backed up.

After every backup a message appears confirming that your files are backed up and protected.