Removing and Rebuilding Security Price History in Quicken for Mac 2007


Quotes files occasionally become damaged, preventing Quicken for Mac from opening ("Unable to open file") or causing Quicken for Mac to crash ("...has unexpectedly Quit").

  1. Quit Quicken.
  2. Spotlight search (Command + Spacebar) for QDFM.
  3. Hold the Command key and click on your data file to open it in Finder.
  4. Hold the Control key and click on the data file.
  5. Choose Show Package Contents.
  6. Click on the Contents folder.
  7. Drag the Quotes document with the gold dollar sign to the Trash.
  8. Empty the Trash.
  9. Launch Quicken.
  10. Open your QDFM (File > Open File) if it doesn't open with the program.
  11. Go to Activities > Security Detail to confirm that no prices exist for the tickers.
  12. Click on the Investing tab.
  13. Click on Portfolio.
  14. Hold Command + Option + U to rebuild the Security History (NOTE: you may not see any obvious activity, depending on the number and age of Securities in your file).
  15. Go to Online > Get Historical Prices.
  16. Choose 5 Years in the drop-down list for Get historical prices for:
  17. Click the All button to mark all tickers.
  18. Click the Download button.


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