Rental Property tag missing from transactions in Quicken 2014 for Windows

What's happening?

Quicken doesn't automatically enter the property tag in the Security Deposit Liability account's transaction(s).

A rental property tag is a specialized tag that Quicken uses to group the transactions for a rental property. When Quicken creates the Security Deposit Liability account and places a transaction representing the security deposit amount paid or to be paid, Quicken does not automatically put the Rental Property tag in the tag field of the transaction.

What do I do?

Tags can be manually assigned to the transactions.
Assign one tag to a transaction.
  1. Open the 'Security Deposit Liability' Account.
  2. In the register click the transaction's Tag field (to the right of the Category field). 
    • What if I don't see the Tag column?
      In a register transaction, the Tag field is located beside the Category field, but it can be hidden. Check the Register preferences to make sure it's turned on.

       Rental Property tag missing from transactions in Quicken 2014 for Windows
  3. Click the arrow to the right of the Tag field to display the Tag drop-down. 
  4. Select the appropriate tag.  
  5. (optional) Assign more than one tag by clicking the Multiple Tags button.  Then click Done.
  6. Click Save to record the transaction.

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