Running VMware or Parallels with Quicken for Windows

Starting with Quicken Windows 2011, Quicken should properly work using VMware or Parallels with Quicken Windows.  There are a few conditions that should be met in order to optimize performance:

  • Your Quicken data should be kept in a folder on the C:\ drive of the Windows virtual machine. Storing the file in a Shared Folder on the Mac can cause performance issues.  Example locations recommended for the Quicken Data File (QDF) are:
    • C:\Users\(your user name)\Documents\Quicken (C:\Documents & Settings\(your user name)\My Documents\Quicken on WinXP)
    • C:\Users\(your user name)\Desktop\Quicken Files (or C:\Documents & Settings\(your user name)\Desktop\Quicken Files on WinXP)
  • There are known issues with storing your Quicken data file on the Windows desktop. We recommend that you store your data file within a folder, if Desktop is your preferred location.
  • For Parallels, Desktop 5 or later would be required.
  • The use of VMware and Parallels is not supported by Intuit, at this time.  If you experience performance problems in Quicken and you have made sure the Quicken file is stored on the virtual machine, Quicken Support would not be able to assist in resolving these issues.  To get the best possible support for VMWare or Parallels issues, contact the vendor for further assistance.

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Tip: To find out which version of Quicken you are using, open Quicken go to Help menu and select About Quicken.