A scheduled update is currently running.

Quicken must be closed for the scheduled update to run and can't be opened until the update has completed. Wait for a few minutes before you try to open Quicken again.

If the message persists, reboot your system and attempt to open Quicken again.

If you still receive the message you can turn off the Scheduled Update feature in Quicken. The information below is for Microsoft® Windows® XP.  If you're using a different operating system, consult Windows Help for information on the Task Manager.

1.Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete on your keyboard and select Task Manager.

2.Select the Processes tab.

3.Select bagent.exe in the list.

4.Click End Process, then click Yes or OK to the warning message.

5.Open Quicken.

To permanently disable Scheduled Updates

1.Choose the Tools menu > Schedule Updates.

2.Click day of the week to clear the check box.

3.Once all days are unchecked, click OK.