Set up Alerts in Quicken for Mac

On the Alerts tab, you can set up email alerts for all the accounts that are synced to your mobile device.


    You can define the threshold at which the alerts must be triggered. You can set up alerts for large deposits, large purchases, low balance etc.

    For example, if you define that you must receive an alert if your account balance is 500(your currency), you will receive an email alert if your balance goes below the specified threshold. You will receive the same alert notification when you log into your Quicken application.

    Note: If you have multiple accounts synced, the alert will refer to the account which has reached the specified threshold. For example, if the balance in your savings account goes below 500 (your currency), the alert will refer that savings account.

Summary Email

    In theSummary email field, define whether you would like to receive a summary of all your synced accounts. You can receive emails weekly or monthly.

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