Set filing status, tax year, and scenario

1. On the left side of the page. in the Tax Year list, select the appropriate option:

  • 2013: Rates and laws in effect as of August 2013.
  • 2014: An estimate of rates and laws for 2014, assuming only minor changes, such as inflation, from 2012 tax law.
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      The Tax Planner supports only two tax years (for Quicken 2014, those tax years are 2013 and 2014). In addition, due to pending legislation, the only rates adjusted for the 2014 tax year are those in the tax rate table and the W4 tables, which have been adjusted by 3 percent. All other rates (including the standard deduction, personal exemption, itemized deduction limits, self-employment tax, and personal exemption phaseout) remain at tax year 2013 levels. 

2. In the Filing Status list, select the appropriate option.

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    Each selection starts you with the stated number of exemptions. You may add more for dependents on the Exemptions page. Any changes you make to exemption amounts apply only to the selected filing status and tax year.
    • Single: Unmarried, including divorced and legally separated. This option starts you with 1 exemption.
    • Married Filing Jointly: Married and filing one return for both spouses. This option starts you with 2 exemptions.
    • Married Filing Separately: Married and filing an individual return for each spouse. This option starts you with 1 exemption.
    • Head of Household: Many factors influence head of household status. Refer to your tax publications for these qualifications. This option starts you with 1 exemption.
    • Qualifying Widow(er): Widowed during the prior two years, not remarried by the end of the tax year, and having a dependent child. See tax publications for additional requirements. This option starts you with 1 exemption.

 3. In the Scenarios list, select the scenario you'd like to use. You can use scenarios to come up with alternate possibilities for your tax situation based on circumstances that you change.

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