Set Up Loan Payments as Scheduled Transaction

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To set up a loan payment as a scheduled transaction, use the following instructions:

  1. Click on Net Worth on the top menu bar, then select Loans.
  2. If the loan has already been created using Quicken's loan feature, select the Choose Loan option and choose the loan you want to schedule payment for.
  3. If this is a new loan, click New and set up the loan in the Loan Setup wizard.
  4. Click the Edit Payment button to bring up the Edit Loan Payment window.
  5. Click the Payment Method button to bring up the Select Payment Method window.
  6. Select Scheduled Transaction.
  7. Choose whether you want to automatically enter the payment or be reminded to enter it.
  8. Select the account the payment will be made from.
  9. Choose how many days in advance you either want to enter or be reminded to enter the payment.
  10. Click OK.
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