Set up a savings goal

In Quicken, you can earmark some of your earnings for a vacation or other major purchase by setting up a savings goal account, which is a special type of asset account.

Remember that a savings goal account doesn't represent a real account, and there is no real money in it. It's just a way of hiding and tracking money for a specific goal. The idea is that you won't be tempted to spend what you don't see.

1. Click the Planning tab.

2. Click the Savings Goals button.

3. Click Goal Actions.

4. Click New Savings Goal.

5. Enter a name, amount, and finishing date (date by which you want to reach your goal).


  • Use the Saving Goals window to check your progress towards a goal, change a goal, and contribute to or withdraw from a goal.
  • The Account Bar lists your savings goal accounts and balances. Right-click a savings goal and deselect Show Savings Goal transactions in register and reports to hide any transfers to your savings goal and view your actual account balance.