Setting up Quicken Mobile Alerts for the Quicken Credit Card

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The Quicken Credit Card enables you to see your transactions in real time on your mobile device.  From the Quicken Mobile app, you can:

  • See notifications within five minutes of transactions
  • View and Edit pending transactions
  • Immediately see the impact of transactions in your Mobile App through the spending chart, budget, or other features.

The option for real time alerts is available only to Quicken Subscription users.

How to set up alerts for the Quicken Credit Card in the Quicken Mobile App

To set up real time notifications for your Quicken Credit Card in the Quicken Mobile App, follow these instructions:


  1. Go to the Mobile & Web tab
  2. Click on the gear icon next to your Email Alerts and click Alert Settings
  3. In the screen that appears, check the box next to New transactions - Quicken Credit Card (Mobile & Web Only)

This will enable real-time notifications when there are any transactions made with your Quicken Credit Card.

You can also update your Alert settings (choose accounts, amounts that trigger alerts, change from email to text) by going to Tools > Alerts Center > Setup


  1. Go to Quicken > Preferences > Mobile & Alerts tab.
  2. Click Alerts.  If there is no option for Alerts, toggle the Sync Button to On
  3. Check the box next to New Transactions - Quicken Credit Card (Mobile Only)

This will enable real-time notifications when there are any transactions made with your Quicken Credit Card.

About real time alerts:

You may see alerts on your mobile device that don't correspond to the exact amount you've just spent.  This is often due to pre-authorization charges made to your credit card.  For example, you may see a $1 charge after you purchase gas for your car; this is because the gas station authorizes a charge to your card before it knows how much gas you intend to buy.  This temporary charge will be removed when the full amount is charged to your card.  You might also see something similar with restaurants: you'll see an alert for the $50 you spent on food, but the tip won't appear until the transaction is fully processed by the restaurant.

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