Spending Reporting Features of the Quicken Mobile Home Screen


  • The Quicken Mobile Home screen displays a snapshot of your Spending by Category in a graph view.

  • A swipe to the left will change the display to show you Spending Over Time.

  • Swipe left again to view Net Income over time.

Trends will display the prior months data when viewed during the first 4 days of the month. Trends cannot be viewed on a smart-phone, due to the limited screen space. Android Tablet currently doesn't receive the Net Income Trend. This should be available in a later release of Quicken Mobile.

Top Spending Categories

 Top Spending Categories can be viewed in the bottom right corner of the Home screen, allowing you to see where you've been spending in a tangible dollar value rather than the pie-chart percentages displayed by the Spending By Category.

Unlike Trends that will display the prior month data, Top Spending Categories will display No Spending This Month messaging until there are transactions that have occurred in the current month.

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