Sync your Quicken accounts to your mobile device

When you sync, all the data form your Quicken desktop is uploaded to the Quicken cloud for access on your mobile device. You need to log into your mobile app with your Intuit ID.

By default, one year of data is synced when you active mobile sync for the first time. Eventually, you will continue to add the data accessible via mobile or tablet device.

  • If you are using connected accounts on Quicken desktop (Automatic downloads), just log into your mobile app and the latest transactions from your connected financial institutions are automatically download on your mobile device, even if you are away from your Quicken Mac application.
  • For manual accounts, you need to manually add new transaction on the device.

Note: When you setup and register your Quicken Mac application for the first time, you were asked if you'd like to use mobile sync. If you select Yes, Quicken automatically syncs all your cash and credit accounts, whenever you add them to Quicken. However, you have the option to turn off the mobile sync at any time by going to Quicken > Preferences > Mobile and Alerts  and clicking the Accounts tab.

What data is synced

When you do a sync, the following data form your Quicken desktop is sent to the Quicken cloud and then to your mobile device:

  • Cash and credit accounts
  • Budget: One budget can be synced at a time.
  • Transactions
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Image attachments: One attachment per transaction
  • Alerts
  • What data is not synced
    For the current release of Quicken Mac, you cannot sync these accounts:
    • Investment
    • Loans
    • Assets
    • Attachments that are not images. For example, PDF, Word documents etc.
  • Sync using the Quicken menu
    To sync using the Quicken menu
    • On your Quicken Mac User Interface, go to Quicken > Preferences > Mobile and Alerts tab.
    •  On the left panel, turn Mobile and Alerts on.
    • Click Sync Now. The progress and status of the sync is displayed.
    • Go to your mobile app and click the refresh icon. All the data from the cloud is downloaded to your mobile device.

    The date and time of the last sync is displayed below the Sync Now button.

  • Sync using the Update Account icon
    Click the Update Accounts to sync. As part of the account update, the latest transactions entered or edited on the mobile device are being download to Quicken Mac desktop.

Note:After mobile sync is setup, you can do a sync at any time by going to Accounts > Sync to Mobile.Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Conttrol + S

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