Tell me about categorizing transactions

Whether you download your transactions from your bank, or enter them into your register by hand, categorizing your transactions helps you see where your money goes. Categories are simply labels that track how much you’re spending on particular items, such as rent, groceries, or dining. The good news is that if you download your transactions, Quicken does most of this work for you—automatically!

Categorizing your transactions allows you to easily create Quicken reports and graphs to answer questions like:

  • How much am I spending a month on groceries?
  • How much do I receive each month in income?
    • What are tags?
      If you need to analyze transactions from more than one perspective, use tags in addition to categories. For example, dinner at the Ramblestone Cafe might be categorized as "Dining," but also tagged as "Costa Rica Vacation" (in this way you can review your overall dining expenses, or just the expenses associated with your Costa Rica vacation).

What can I do?

Open the Category List and view my categories
Categorize a transaction
Create a new category or subcategory
Edit, change, or delete a category or subcategory
Manage the way transactions are categorized
Hide a category
Work with category groups
What if something goes wrong?


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