Tell me about the Copy Number field

You only need to use copy numbers if you track rental properties in Quicken and want to import your Quicken data into TurboTax.

Here's how they work: You can associate a copy number with each new tag that you create. Why would you want to do this? If you own several rental properties, you need to file a separate Schedule E form for each one. You can assign different copy numbers to each property so that Quicken and TurboTax can track the information for each one separately. Both the tag and copy number are needed in the case of rental property Schedule E tracking (even though they seem redundant).

  • Example
    Set up a tag for each rental property you track, such as Building 1 and Building 2. Assign Copy Number 1 to the tag Building 1, and Copy Number 2 to the tag Building 2. Then use the appropriate tag with all relevant transactions in your registers.


If you have multiple businesses, the best way to differentiate Schedule C items for multiple businesses is with the business tags included in Quicken Home & Business.

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