Tell me about making my historical information more complete

Quicken needs both cost basis/amount invested and market price (historical and/or current) information to perform investment calculations. Performance measures such as gain (realized and unrealized) and average annual return (IRR) will not be accurate if this information is missing.

If you're currently in the process of setting up your investments in Quicken, or if you want to track only your holdings and don't need detailed performance analysis or tax tracking, then incomplete information and placeholder entries (Placeholder entries can only occur in an investment transaction list. Each placeholder entry identifies the security name and number of shares added to or subtracted from the account (for example, 50 shares of Intuit). It does not include a purchase date or price, which Quicken needs to provide performance reporting or use tax planning tools. You need to resolve placeholder entries if you want to use these tools, but not if you want to track holdings-only information in Quicken.) are not a problem.

It's important to be clear that certain performance and tax calculations are not to be considered reliable unless Quicken can work with complete and accurate historical information.

What can I do?

Know when I have missing or incomplete data
Resolve data missing from Investing tab snapshots
What if something goes wrong?