Tell me about the model used by What Should I Sell

What Should I Sell is designed to supplement your own review of the merits of an investment by searching your portfolio for an optimal combination of securities to meet the sales criteria you specify. Because there may be more than one combination of securities in your portfolio that will meet your requirements, running What Should I Sell multiple times using the same criteria may yield different results. You can work with different scenarios to quickly compare approaches to meeting your goal. Consider What Should I Sell a highly efficient way to find a good starting point for meeting your requirements. Once you've run What Should I Sell, you can then hand-edit your results in the Proposed Sale window to further refine them.


When creating your own goals, try starting with only two or three ranked objectives. For example, you might rank both Maximize After Tax ROI and Maximize Whole Lots as Important , along with a Not Important ranking for all other objectives, in order to produce a high net yield without introducing a lot of complexity into the sale. After performing your initial search, you can progressively add additional objectives until you're satisfied with the solution.

  • If you don't have sufficient differentiation between your objectives (for example, if every objective is marked as Extremely Important ) What Should I Sell may need a long time to find results.
  • If you don't receive results within what you consider a reasonable amount of time, try reducing the ranking of either ROI or after-tax gain (for example, from Extremely Important  to Important). Then try another What Should I Sell search.

What Should I Sell can work with a goal of zero dollars, and there may be instances in which you would want to choose this amount.

  • Set the cash amount to zero with a high ranking for Minimize Taxes to yield a proposed loss sale that can offset other (including non-investment) tax liabilities.
  • Set the cash amount to zero and use the Balance my year-to-date capital gains goal to yield a proposed loss sale that will offset previous capital gains.

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