Tell me about rental property features in Quicken

If you purchased Quicken Rental Property Manager, you can track rental property accounts in the same Quicken file.

Quicken provides a simple way to track and categorize rental income and expenses. Fill in information about your rental property so Quicken can group together your rental transactions and help you track them. If you want to track several rental properties, Quicken can show income and expense information by property.

Quicken supplements your paper filing system. In Quicken, you can:


• Stay on top of how your investment properties are performing

• Keep all your tenant information in one place

• Track when your rents are due, and who's rent payment is overdue

• Share expenses across properties and categories

• Minimize the time you spend retrieving financial records at tax time

• Make it easier to capture frequently overlooked tax deductions

• Categorize transactions according to Schedule E tax form line items

• Create tax schedule and tax summary reports

• Create income and expense reports that analyze your rental property income and expenses


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This feature requires Quicken Rental Property Manager. Learn how you can upgrade Quicken in minutes.