Tell me about safeguarding important information

Sometimes important financial information has little to do with the bottom line of an account balance. Wills, insurance policies, emergency contacts—tracking such information is vital to keeping your household running smoothly, especially in the event of an emergency. To help, Quicken provides the Emergency Records Organizer, a central place to organize important information and to communicate it to your family, heirs, physician, or legal counselor.

Important: Emergency Records Organizer is a legacy Quicken product. It is no longer available for purchase. However, if you currently use Emergency Records Organizer, you can start it from within Quicken by choosing Property & Debt menu > Emergency Records Organizer. If you don't see the command in the Property & Debt menu, you'll need to turn Classic Menus on. To do so, choose View menu > Classic Menus.

What can I do?

Enter emergency records information
View emergency records information
Sort emergency records information by family member
Identify incomplete emergency records information
Keep my emergency records private
Create and print an Emergency Records Organizer report
Print an emergency records area, topic, or record

What do I need to know before getting started?

  • You don't have to think of all the pieces of information you'd like to organize and record; Quicken provides comprehensive lists of items that you simply fill in. The Emergency Records Organizer classifies these lists into areas, topics, and records.Areas define overall categories of information, such as Adults' Emergency Information and Personal & Legal Documents.
  • Topics organize subcategories of information within each area. For example, some of the topics in the Adults' Emergency Information area are Contact List, Physicians/Dentists, and Medical History.
  • Records are found within topics. For example, you would enter one record in the Medical History topic for each family member.


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