Tell me about tracking dividends and income

Each of the topics in this section walks you through a specific type of dividend or income transaction. See Entering investment transactions for general information about manual investment tracking.

  • Dividend - When companies pay part of their profits to shareholders, those profits are called dividends. The amount of each share's dividend depends on how well the company does during a particular period. Typically, only larger companies pay dividends; smaller companies need to invest their own profits to grow. Some investors interested in producing income invest in dividend-producing securities; growth-oriented investors often also buy dividend-producing securities to round out their portfolio.

What can I do?

                  Record income (dividend, interest, or capital gain)

                  Record a stock dividend (noncash dividend)

                  Reinvest income (dividend, interest, or capital gain)

                  Record a return of capital

                  What if something goes wrong?

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