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Use the Quicken banking features to save time and effort when tracking your income and expenses. The QuickFill feature makes entering transactions in the register quick and simple. And if you assign categories to your transactions, Quicken can help you make a budget that you can live with, create reports to find out where your money really goes, and run a host of powerful planning tools.


Quicken has several automatic features for data entry. Together, these features are called QuickFill. With Quickfill, you can have Quicken memorize each new transaction that you enter. When you are entering data in the Address Book, register, Write Checks window, or Split Transaction window, Quickfill completes each field after you type a few letters. Quickfill also provides drop-down lists so that you can find items such as payee names and categories quickly.

One Step Update

To really speed things up, be sure to update transactions and balances directly from your financial institution, make online payments, even receive bills online. Besides automating many of your regular chores, online banking can also improve the accuracy of your records and simplify the process of balancing your checkbook.

This section covers the tools that help you track your personal income and expenses. If you purchased Quicken Home & Business, you'll have additional tools that can help you track business income and expenses as well.


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