Tell me about tracking securities and security prices

The Security List contains all the securities that you track in Quicken — your holdings as well as your Watch List. The Security List and related features described in this section expand your flexibility in tracking, reporting on, and analyzing your securities. First set up your investment accounts (if you've not already done so); then add securities to your Quicken Security List.

  • Securities - securities In Quicken, a security is a single investment with a value and (usually) a share price. A stock, a group of bonds from one corporation, or a mutual fund is a security when it has a share price and you own a specified number of shares.

What can I do?

Manage securities
Update security prices (get quotes)
Download prices for market indexes
Set up or edit a Watch List
Change a security's ticker symbol
View today's performance for market indexes and securities I'm watching
Set up and work with security types
View a security's price history/market value graph
Correct a mistake in the security's transaction history
What if something goes wrong?

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