Tell me about tracking the value of my belongings

The next time you move to a new home or just try to clean your garage, you may decide you've got too much stuff. How much is that stuff worth? Big items, like homes and cars, are fairly simple to track, but kitchen appliances, clothes, sports equipment, computer equipment, and room furnishings are more difficult. Determining at least an approximate value is important when deciding the amount of insurance you need. Quicken Home Inventory Manager (a separate, standalone product that works with Quicken) can help.

Important: Quicken Home Inventory Manager is a legacy Quicken product. It is no longer available for purchase. However, if you currently use Home Inventory Manager, you can start it from within Quicken by choosing Property & Debt menu > Home Inventory Manager. If you don't see the command in the Property & Debt menu, you'll need to turn Classic Menus on. To do so, choose View menu > Classic Menus.

What can I do?

Track the cost basis of my home
Update the value of an asset
Track household possessions


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