Tell me about tracking vehicle mileage for rental property

With the Vehicle Mileage Tracker, you can track, sort, and print lists of your rental property-related mileage, miles driven for charity work, miles to and from the doctor for medical reasons, miles driven to and from rental properties you own, and even types of mileage you define.


What can I do to track rental property mileage?

Enter a new trip for your rental property business
Edit an existing trip
Delete a trip
Enter several similar trips
Sort trips
Customize the Vehicle Mileage Tracker
Record personal trips
Update mileage rates
Enter my mileage on my tax return
Print a record of my mileage



•Whether you can deduct mileage from your taxes sometimes depends on whether the deductible amount has reached a certain percentage of your adjusted gross income. Before deducting mileage costs based on information from the Vehicle Mileage Tracker, check with your tax advisor.

•When you enter your first trip, Quicken adds tax-deductible mileage categories to your Quicken Category List. These categories begin with the prefix "_Mileage." They already have the correct tax schedule line items associated with them and are set up for easy import to TurboTax. Don't edit or delete these categories.


This feature requires Quicken Home & Business or Rental Property Manager. Learn how you can upgrade Quicken in minutes.


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