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As you use Quicken Cloud services throughout the year, Quicken checks to see if there is a free update to your version of the software. If an update is available, Quicken asks if you'd like to download it.

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Update my Quicken software
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  • What's the difference between a version, an upgrade, and an update?
    Although version, upgrade, and update are often used interchangeably, each term has a distinct meaning.

    A software version is a stand-alone edition of a product that is marketed, sold, and supported as such. For example, Quicken 2014 is a version of Quicken.

    An upgrade is when you go from one version of Quicken to a newer version of Quicken. For example, a Quicken 2014 user purchases and installs Quicken 2015. If you would like to upgrade or need more information visit

    A software update, also referred to as a release or patch, is a product revision which can be downloaded free of charge. Updates improve program functionality and fix known bugs. Changes to the program after installing an update are often invisible to customers, as updates don't typically add new features. Obtain the latest update to your Quicken program when you use One Step Update, or directly from our Quicken Software Update site.



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Tip: To find out which version of Quicken you are using, open Quicken go to Help menu and select About Quicken.