Tell me about using an investment transaction list

Each Quicken investment account has a transaction list; this is the investment equivalent of a check register. This list shows all the security transactions that you've recorded in your account. In most cases, transactions from your cash management account are included as well.

  • Investment account - An investment account is any collection of securities you decide to track as a group. Quicken supplies information about the group as a whole as well as about the individual securities within the group. The account can be a real brokerage account, a single security, or a collection of securities that have a common purpose.
  • Transactions - In Quicken, a transaction is any item that increases or decreases the balance in an account register (such as a payment, deposit, or transfer).

In the investment transaction list, you can enter new transactions manually or download them directly from your broker or participating financial institution.

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What can I do?

Enter an investment transaction
Edit an investment transaction
Customize my investment transaction list
Schedule recurring investment transactions
What if something goes wrong?


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