Tracking Dividends and Income

Each of the topics in this section walks you through a specific type of dividend or income transaction. See Entering investment transactions for general information about manual investment tracking. Click a link below for an overview of the topics covered here.

  • Recording income (dividend, interest, or capital gain)

    Use the Income dialog to record the cash received from dividends, interest income, miscellaneous income (such as tax-free interest), and capital gains distributions (long-, mid-, or short-term).

    For reinvested dividends or interest, including interest that stays in a CD or dividends that stay in a money market fund, use the Income Reinvested dialog.

  • Recording a stock dividend (noncash dividend)

    Use the Stock Dividend (noncash) dialog to record a dividend in the dialog of additional shares instead of cash. Unlike cash dividends (or reinvested cash dividends), most stock dividends are nontaxable. The company issuing the stock dividend will inform you whether it is taxable.

    Enter a taxable stock dividend as a reinvested dividend.

  • Reinvesting income (dividend, interest, or capital gain)
    Use the Reinvest Income dialog to record purchases of additional shares of a security with money paid to you by that security as dividend or interest income or capital gains distribution (short-, mid-, or long-term).
  • Recording a return of capital

    Use the Return of Capital dialog to record cash received from return of capital. A return of capital is usually money paid to you as total or partial repayment of the money you invested.

    Return of capital generally differs from a sale in that you are not the one who initiates the return of capital. For example, a mortgage-backed security (such as a Ginnie Mae) returns capital when the underlying mortgages pay off the principal, which is passed on to you.

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