Troubleshoot a damaged Quicken data file—Advanced


If your data file displays symptoms that makes you think it is damaged, the first thing you want to try are the basic troubleshooting techniques because they give you the best chance of recovering the largest amount of data. If the basic troubleshooting techniques have been unsuccessful, you may still be able to recover some of your data.

Try to identify the location of the damage in your Quicken data file.

  • Choose Reports menu > Banking > Transaction to create a Transaction report.
  • In the Date range list, select Include all dates or another date range that you suspect includes the problem transaction.
  • ose Reports menu > Banking > Transaction to create a Transaction report.
  • Select the first transaction in the report.
  • Press the DOWN ARROW key on the keyboard to move through each transaction in the report.
  • Note the transaction that is selected when you observe unexpected behavior. For example, you might no longer be able to scroll through the transactions, the transaction in the report might appear unreadable or nonsensical, the report might freeze, the report might close, the program might close, and so on.
  • Open the account that contains the transaction in question, and delete the transaction and reenter it.

If you're unable to locate the problem transaction, or if replacing the problem transaction doesn't resolve the issue, there are a few more things you can try:

  • Try copying your Quicken data file. In the Include Transactions From and To fields, enter a date range that includes the transactions you need. If you have identified the problem transaction with the previous procedure, the date range should exclude the problem transaction. When Quicken finishes copying your data file, open the new copy.
  • If the signs of data file damage appear in a budget, report, or Quicken planner, try creating the report or budget again. If the issue is still present, make a copy of your Quicken data file, delete and reenter the data that makes up the budget, report, or planner, and then try creating the report or budget again.
  • Try exporting all the transactions from the damaged data file to a new Quicken data file.


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