Unable to Accept All Downloaded Investment Bank Transactions in Lion Compatible Quicken Mac 2007

You are unable to "Accept All" downloaded investment bank transactions in Lion Compatible Quicken Mac 2007 if there are more than 180 transactions.


Lion Compatible Quicken Mac 2007 will only download 180 or less cash-type transactions at a time for Brokerages that allow downloads of bank-type transactions, such as Morgan Stanley Smith Barney-MS.

Lion compatible Quicken Mac 2007 will successfully import up through 180 transactions and allow you to accept them all; however, if there are more than 180 transactions then Quicken will appear to accept all the transactions into the respective register, but they will reappear in Download window upon subsequent launch of Lion compatible Quicken Mac 2007.

Ctrl+click to highly groups of transactions less than 180 until there are less than 180 before using the Accept All feature.

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