Unable to Connect to the Internet in Quicken After Updating To a Newer Version

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Updating the Quicken program can cause some changes to your Quicken data files. These changes may keep your personal firewall software from allowing the Quicken program to connect to the Internet. Generally, these firewall programs will alert you of the changes and give you the opportunity to either permit or deny an Internet connection. These notifications can be turned off, so you may not be aware that an Internet connection is being stopped.

Many personal firewall software packages have auto-configuration to help determine which programs need Internet access and will configure the firewall software to recognize this need. The firewall software determines which program is making the request (based on name, size, and date) and determines whether Internet access has been allowed or not. Changes to programs after configuration may cause a loss of Internet connection capability. 

With the wide variety of firewall software packages and versions available, Quicken cannot provide detailed instructions on how to resolve this situation. It may be possible to reconfigure the firewall software to allow the updated Quicken program unrestricted Internet access. Consult your personal firewall software vendor for assistance with configuration changes.

Additionally, firewall applications that are integrated with Network Interface Cards, routers, and/or switch hardware, may incorporate similar functionality and will allow configuration. Consult your hardware documentation or the vendor for any questions regarding the use of this type of hardware or it's configuration.

This issue can also happen when you update your security software.  If the above information does not help resolve your issue and you feel it may be due to an update to your security software, please contact your security softare manufacturer for support.

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