Unable to Select "Portfolio Cash" Holding Account When Entering a Transaction on Quicken.com

The "Portfolio Cash" account is created by Quicken.com, and is used by Quicken.com to track cash transactions in and out of Portfolio accounts automatically when sales and purchases are made.  This account is not editable by the user.  In order to manually choose a holding account, you will need to create another Cash account.

  1. Login to Quicken.com,  and then choose the Portfolio you wish to customize.
  2. Click "Edit this Portfolio"
  3. In the Holding Type drop down field, choose "Cash".
  4. In the Transaction Type drop down field, choose "Create Account".
  5. Enter a name for your cash account in the Enter Account name field.
  6. Select the proper Date, and enter an opening balance amount in the Payment amount field.
  7. If there are any fees to be entered, enter them in the Feed field.
  8. Click "Add to Portfolio"
  9. Repeat the above steps, but choose Deposit in the Transaction Type, and then choose the new account you created as the holding account from the drop down list.

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