Unable to Setup Express Web Connect or No New Transactions Download

  • When choosing to Add Account with the Advanced Setup in order to activate Express Web Connect in Quicken, the Account Type field for accounts discovered may be blank.
  • Accounts that appear to have activated Express Web Connect successfully may not receive any transactions.  Quicken may not report any error, but will also not return any data or update online balances.
  • CC-501 or CC-502 errors returned when attempting to Activate or by Activated accounts that had updated successfully before a change to login credentials.

This issue is caused by using certain special characters in the account login password that are also used in code writing, resulting in internal XML errors.  These special characters are ampersand (&), left carat (<) and right carat (>).

The OFX Log would show:


    <string>XML error while parsing the XML request document</string>



  1. Log into your financial institutions website.
  2. Change your password to use characters other than &, < or >.
  3. Open Quicken.
  4. Edit your account password in the Password Vault to reflect this change (Tools > Password Vault > Add/Edit Passwords).
  5. Update your account(s) by opening the register and choosing Update Now from the Account Actions button (top right of register view).
Unable to Setup Express Web Connect or No New Transactions DownloadIf your password does not contain any of these 3 characters OR if this issue persists after correcting the password issue, please Contact Us so we can determine what's happening with your specific account(s) update.

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