Unable to sign in “Oops", "Unknown Error" or “Check Internet Connection” message in Quicken for Windows 2015, 2016, or 2017 (U.S. and Canada)

Product Version
Windows 2017
Windows 2016
Windows 2015
Canada 2016
Canada 2017
Canada 2015
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You may receive an "Oops", "Unknown Error" or "Check Internet Connection" message if you're using the following Quicken for Windows product versions, or if you've just installed Quicken from a CD:

  • Quicken for Windows 2015 R9 or earlier versions
  • Quicken for Windows 2016 R3 or earlier versions
  • Quicken for Windows 2017 R1

2018 Release of Quicken Users:

These issues do not affect the 2018 release of Quicken. If you receive an "Oops" error, these are typically caused by a temporary outage and can be resolved by trying the same action again later.  


If you are receiving this error, make sure you are on the latest release. In order to continue Quicken connected services, you’ll need to update to the latest version of Quicken.  When installing/reinstalling Quicken, you will need internet connection to be able to download these updates. 

Click on your version below to review release notes and download the latest updates --QUICKEN CANADA USERS-- please click on the appropriate link and scroll to the bottom of the FAQ to find the release link: 

Important: If you have reinstalled Quicken 2016 for Windows (US Version) and you are unable to open Quicken or Quicken crashes after trying to update to the latest release, please read this Community Announcement for a resolution.

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