Unexpected Message When Backing Up: Canceling...


While attempting to backup your Quicken data file, you may experience a dialog box that says, "Canceling..."

Unexpected Message When Backing Up: Canceling...


This is caused by a conflict with Siber Systems password utility RoboForm installed on the same computer as your Quicken program.


The message does not prevent the backup from completing successfully; it's merely a cosmetic message.  Although unnecessary, you can prevent this 'Canceling' message by Exiting the Roboform Taskbar Icon in your System Tray:

  1. Right click the Roboform icon in the system tray (usually found in the lower right corner of your screen).
  2. Choose Exit.
  3. Click OK, if prompted for confirmation.
  4. Make your Quicken Backup.

 You can re-activate the Roboform Taskbar Icon from the Windows Programs menu or from the Roboform>Tools menu in your browser.

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