Updating Existing Online Payees in Quicken for Mac

You cannot edit the Online Payee name and account number once it is used in a Bill Pay transaction. If this information ever changes for a payee, you’ll need to add a new Online Payee with the changed details.

However, you can edit the address, description and phone number at any time as long as there are no pending Bill Pay transactions for that payee.

If you need to create a new payee with an existing payee name and a new account number, use the optional Description field to call out the difference between the two payees with the same name.

  • First Payee Name: Midwest Wireless; Description: My Phone
  • Second Payee Name: Midwest Wireless; Description: Spouse’s Phone

In this scenario, payments from both Online Payees will be sent to Midwest Wireless. However, they will be listed in the register and Payee List as:

  • Midwest Wireless {My Phone}
  • Midwest Wireless {Spouse’s Phone}

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