Updating Investment Account Statements

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Connecting with your participating broker or other financial institution to update transactions and balances is the easiest way to keep your investment accounts up to date. Once you record historical transactions for any securities you owned before you bought Quicken, you may never have to manually enter another investment transaction. To get started, simply sign up for online account services with your broker or other participating financial institution.

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  • Updating transactions, balances, and holdings from my broker
    Quicken provides assistance every step of the way when you update transactions with online account access.
  • Reviewing and accepting investment transactions I've downloaded
    Quicken provides the opportunity for you to review transactions before accepting them into your investment transaction list. As necessary, you can add any new securities used in downloaded transactions to your Quicken Security List. Information is also available about the process Quicken uses to match downloaded investment transactions.
  • Editing downloaded investment transactions
    What if you've entered some transactions manually, and now you've downloaded your broker's record for the same transaction? What if your broker has a Buy transaction for a security that you haven't entered in your Quicken Security List yet? Quicken gives you a chance to match downloaded transactions to the ones in your investment transaction list, or even to delete them. You can double-check anything; but in most cases, all you have to do is click Accept.
  • Comparing my broker's downloaded holdings to my Quicken portfolio

    What if your broker records an erroneous transaction? What if you accidentally deleted a transaction? Every time you download and accept transactions from your brokerage, Quicken checks for accuracy. If there is any discrepancy between the holdings in your Quicken portfolio and the holdings recorded in your broker's online records, Quicken alerts you and gives you a chance to adjust your holdings.

  • Making trades online
    For the most part, Quicken is where you record transactions made with your broker either by making a phone call or by logging in to your broker's Web site. But if your brokerage does support Web-based trades, you may be able to access their trading site through Quicken.
  • Downloading a stock split

    When you download historical securities prices, Quicken also checks for stock splits for the securities in your Quicken Security List. These can be securities you actually own or securities in your Watch List.

    This is the only instance in which Quicken downloads splits. So unless you request historical prices on a regular basis, you should still manually enter stock splits as they occur. The actions you need to take in Quicken after downloading a split will differ, depending on whether you have already manually entered the split and whether the manual transaction is correct.

    The handling of downloaded stock splits will differ, depending on your financial institution.

What do I need to know before getting started?

Do not download the following types of transactions:

  • Employee stock option exercise transactions
  • Employee stock purchase plan transactions

Where can I get more information?

  • To learn more about entering historical transactions, see Decide how much historical data to enter and Entering investment transactions manually.
  • To view general information about working with online account services once you've set up your account, see Downloading transactions for my accounts.
  • If you regularly download transactions from several financial institutions using One Step Update, Quicken's Password Vault feature is a secure, convenient way to manage the different passwords involved.
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