US Quicken Versus International Versions of Quicken

This article addresses some of the more common questions about what you can and cannot do with non-US versions of Quicken, or with US versions of Quicken outside of the US.

Can I convert my non-US Quicken data file to a US version of Quicken?

  • The US version of Quicken will not directly convert your non-US-version data.
  • Currently, Intuit does not offer any Quicken Data Services to perform this conversion for you.
  • It is recommended that you start a new Quicken file in the US version, if you are transferring to that program, in order to prevent potential corruption of data resulting from attempts to manually convert the file.

I'm living outside of the US. Can I still do online banking?

  • The US version of Quicken will only connect to US banks, in compliance with the majority of US banking regulations.
  • Non-US banks cannot be added into US Quicken at this time.*
  • US banks cannot be added into non-US versions of this time.
  • If you want to do online banking in Quicken and have accounts at both US and non-US financial institutions, you may want to weigh the importance of these accounts against one another to determine which version of Quicken (US or non-US) would be most suitable for your needs.
    • Example: The number of accounts may not matter as much as the frequency of use - you may use your US checking account infrequently, but your international Visa is used daily, so you would most likely want the appropriate international version of Quicken that has Online Banking capability/compatibility with your Visa account.
US Quicken Versus International Versions of Quicken* At this time, Canadian financial institutions which are currently listed in the US version of Quicken, can be activated for Express Web Connect as long as the financial institution downloads the data in USD currency.



Can I track international Securities or Markets?

  • US Quicken versions can track US Stock exchanges and securities traded on them using online Quotes information. *
  • Non-US markets are not available for online update in the US version of Quicken. *
  • Non-US versions of Quicken may not be able to get online quotes for US markets.  Contact the international support center for the non-US version of Quicken in question to confirm if that product has the ability to update US quotes.
  • Some international Securities are traded on the US market and can be updated online in the US versions of Quicken. 
US Quicken Versus International Versions of Quicken* US Quicken may be able to get Toronto Exchange quotes for some securities, but we cannot support any problems encountered at this time.
Quicken Canada may be able to get US market quotes for some securities.

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