Using more than one data file

If you use Quicken for personal finances only, you probably need just one Quicken data file. When you have all your accounts in one data file, Quicken can:

  • Keep one list of income and expense categories for all your accounts
  • Include data from all accounts ain a single report or graph to track income and expenses, net woroth, and other important information
  • Tranfer money from one account to another within the file

With separate files, there is no connection between the accounts in one file and the account in another. There are some reasons, however, why you might want to have more than one file:

  • To keep information separate for business purposes if your personal and business finances are entrirely separate and have different checking accounts. (Although you may be able t o use Categories and Tags to Achieve a similar result).
  • To keep a separate file for a friend, relative, or organization.