Using Registers on Quicken for Mac

To Show or Hide Columns

  • Choose View > Columns.
  • Select or clear the columns you’d like to see in the register.

NOTE: Changes you make only affect the named register. You can show different columns for each account.

To Sort Registers

  • Click a register column heading to sort by that column; click again to sort by the same column, but in descending order.

To See Balances

You can change which balance is shown at the top of a register window.

  • Click the label next to the account balance at the top of the register window and select the type of balance you’d like to see.

Today’s Balance

Today’s Balance tells you how much you have in your account today, according to the transactions in your register. (This is the balance that appears on the Overview and the Accounts Summary.)


Projected Balance

The Projected Balance tells you how much money you have left for the near term (as defined by your preferences settings), given all the money you’ve stated you have coming in and going out. The Projected Balance includes today’s balance minus future bills and plus future income.

Online Balance

The Online Balance is the amount of money left in your account at the time of your last download. In other words, it’s the amount of money your financial institution thinks you have left.

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