View your mobile settings

After you're up-and-running with Quicken for mobile you might want to review and make changes to how things are set up, and take a look at your most recent alerts.

To view your mobile settings

  • Click the Mobile & Alerts tab. The Overview window displays

Things you can see in the Overview window

  • Your Intuit ID
    Your Intuit ID authenticates and securely connects your desktop data with your mobile device(s).
    • If you've created multiple Intuit IDs, make sure the correct one is displayed for the data file you're using.
    • If you need to change to a different Intuit ID, click [edit profile].
  • The alerts you've received
    A list of your most recent alerts is at the right of the window. Also displayed is the date each alert was sent. As you review each alert, you can remove it from the list by clicking its close icon (you may need to scroll to the right to see the icon). If you want to make changes to the alerts you receive, click [edit alerts settings].

    For more information, see Change your mobile alert settings.
  • The Sync Now button
    Click Sync Now to initiate a sync of your Quicken desktop and mobile device data. Displayed below the button is the date you last synced all of your data and devices.
    • What happens during a sync?
      • When you sync, you transfer your Quicken data to and from your mobile devices.

      • Here's how it works: if you enter or download transactions into your Quicken desktop software, syncing will copy them to your mobile device(s); if you enter or download transactions into your mobile device, syncing will copy them to your Quicken desktop software.

      • Data moves in both directions—between your desktop and mobile device. Anywhere you have new data, Quicken figures out which device needs that data, and moves it where it needs to be. This includes additions and changes to the accounts you choose to sync, the transactions you download or enter manually, and the budget in your desktop software.

      • At the end of a sync everything will match: transactions, balances, and budget results, regardless of where you choose to view your data.

      • If you use multiple mobile devices, those devices will be always in sync with each other. For example, if you enter a transaction on one mobile device, the transaction will automatically appear on your other mobile devices that use the same Intuit ID. There is no need to sync one mobile device with another mobile device—only your Quicken desktop software needs to be synced with your mobile device(s).

For more information, see:
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