Wallet Checks Printing Only First 3 Lines of Address


When printing Wallet checks, you may find that, even though it contains up to five lines in Quicken Essentials, it will only print the first three lines.

Printing checks allows for 5 lines in an address field. However, when printing wallet checks, only the first 3 lines are printed. All other check styles will print all 5 lines


This is a limitation in Quicken Essentials. There are two types of envelopes with windows whose locations expose the address fields on a check. The difference of the two overlapping areas is considered to be the total viewable area that would accommodate both types of checks. This leaves real estate for only 3 lines of text for the address field on a wallet sized check.

Please consider condensing the address to fit on three lines when printing Wallet checks.

Note: Standard and voucher checks will allow for five-line printing.

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