What do I need to know about how Quicken records the numbers I enter?

For each number you enter in the Price or Shares column, Quicken records up to 11 digits total, up to six digits after the decimal place.

If you enter this

Quicken records this

12345.123456 12345.123456 (leaves it as is)
1234.1234564 1234.123456 (truncates last digit)
1234.1234565 1234.123457 (truncates last digit and rounds up)
1234.1234566 1234.123457 (truncates last digit and rounds up)
If you to enter this

Quicken will only let you enter this

123456.123456 123456.12345

Keep in mind that your brokerage may also use its own truncation and rounding-off rules when reporting numbers on your statements.

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