What do I need to know about the Portfolio column headings?

All Portfolio performance metrics (column headings) are defined in the in-product help glossary.

Expanded definitions for key investment performance calculations are also available.


Quicken relies on accurate and complete data to derive reliable performance measures. To view certain performance measures, it may be necessary first to replace placeholder entries with complete historical data.

  • What are the Portfolio calculations based on?
    These performance measures Are based on
    Amount Invested, Amount Invested 1-/3-/ 5-Year, Amount Invested YTD, Amount Reinvested, Cost Basis, Currency, Name, Shares, Ticker Symbol Your transactions
    Amount Invested (%), Avg. Annual Return (%) 1-/3-/ 5-Year, Avg. Annual Return (%) YTD, Cost Basis (%), Cost Basis per Share, Gain/Loss, Day Gain/Loss, Gain/Loss 1-/3-/12-Month, Gain/Loss (%), Day Gain/Loss (%), Gain/Loss (%), 1-/3-/12-Month, Market Value, Market Value (%), Realized Gain/Loss, Return, Return 1-/3-/ 5-Year, Return YTD, Return (%), Return (%) 1-/3-/ 5-Year, Return (%) YTD, ROI (%), ROI (%) 1-/3-/ 5-Year, ROI (%) YTD Quicken calculations (based on your transactions)
    Income, Income (%), Yield on Investment (Estimated), Yield on Investment (%) Income (based on your transactions)
    Estimated Income Quicken calculations (based on number of shares and user-entered value in Tools menu > Security List > Edit > Other Info)
    Annual Dividend, Dividend, Dividend Date, Dividend Yield Income (downloaded)
    52-Week Range, Average Volume, Bid/Ask, Price Day Change, Price Day Change (%), Prev Close, Day High, Day Low, Day Open, Day Range, Quote/Price, Time, Ticker Trend, Volume Prices and trends (downloaded)
    Debt/equity, EPS, Market Capitalization, Morningstar Risk, Rating, Return, P/E ratio, PEG ratio, Price/Book, Price/Sales, ROE, Shares Outstanding Fundamentals (downloaded)
    Fund Average P/E, Fund Category, Fund Category P/E, Fund Category Rank, Fund Category Rank 1-/3-/ 5-Year, Fund Category Rank YTD, Industry, Industry Day Change (%), Industry Change (%) 1-/3-/ 5-Year, Industry Change (%) YTD, Industry Debt/Equity, Industry P/E, Industry PEG, Industry Price/Sales, Industry ROE Benchmarks (downloaded)
    Shares, Granted Mkt Value, Market Value, Shares Granted, Shares Not Yet Vested, Unvested Market Value Employee stock option grants (ESOGs)
    After-Tax Gain, Break-Even Price, Days To Next Period, Gain/Loss, Holding Period, Tax Savings Next Period Tax implications

    Industry YTD and Return (%) YTD are based on downloaded data and are not affected by changes in the As of date option.