What if the Cash Amt column for an investment transaction displays N/A or is blank?

This is the correct display for either a BoughtX or a placeholder transaction.

  • In a BoughtX transaction, you transfer cash from another account and use it to purchase securities that are held in the current account. This type of transaction does not impact the cash balance of the current account.

  • Placeholder entries { Placeholder entries can only occur in an investment transaction list. Each placeholder entry identifies the security name and number of shares added to or subtracted from the account (for example, 50 shares of Intuit). It does not include a purchase date or price, which Quicken needs to provide performance reporting or use tax planning tools. You need to resolve placeholder entries if you want to use these tools, but not if you want to track holdings-only information in Quicken. }

    Placeholder entries don't affect your cash balance because they only record your position (number of shares owned) for a specific security.

  • In addition, the overall cash balance of an investment account (Cash Bal column) will not change as you resolve placeholder entries.

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