What if everything didn't import into my tax program?

If something wasn't imported into your tax program:

  • Make sure that the categories you use for tax-related transactions are assigned to a tax form in the Category List.
  • Make sure Quicken has the tax form you need.

Quicken doesn't include tax forms that require either a tax table or calculation to complete the form or schedule. Quicken exports line items only where the deduction is a dollar-for-dollar amount. Deductions based on tables or calculations require specific advice from either a tax professional or a tax program. You must calculate these deductions according to IRS rules and then enter them into your tax program. Quicken's Tax Summary report gives you the totals upon which to base these calculations.

  • An asset or an investment account may be a tax-deferred account. Transactions in these accounts have no tax consequence. Therefore, Quicken doesn't import this information into your tax program. To check whether the account is tax deferred, in the Account List, select the account, and then click Edit.
  • You may need to set a tax form line item for transfers into or out of an IRA or other tax-deferred account.

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