What if I entered a transactions in the wrong account and need to move it?

There are several ways to move transactions from one account to another.

  • You can copy and paste them one by one.
  • You can use SHIFT + click to select several transactions, and then choose Edit menu > Transaction > Move transaction(s) (available only in banking registers).
  • You can copy transactions to the correct account and delete them from the original location.
  • If you want to move transactions into asset and loan accounts (including house and vehicle), credit card accounts, and cash accounts, you can copy a group of them to a QIF file, and then import the QIF file to the new account. If you've purchased Quicken Home & Business, you can also use QIF to move transactions into accounts payable accounts and invoice accounts. Note that QIF import is not available to import transactions into individual checking, savings, 401(k), or any other brokerage accounts. To import transactions into these accounts, see the improved download solution replacing QIF.