What if I forget my Intuit ID password?

Quicken for Windows 2016
Quicken for Windows 2017

You'll need to log in to Quicken with an Intuit ID to securely access your Quicken files.  If you forget your password, just follow these steps to get back up and running:

Before you begin:

If you have been temporarily locked out of your account, you will need to wait the full lockout time (usually 15 minutes) before attempting to log in again, even if you have a new password.  If you attempt to log in before the end of the lockout period, your account will be locked out again.

To reset your Intuit ID Password:

  1. Open Quicken. On the Intuit ID login screen, click I forgot my password, below the sign in prompt.
  2. Enter your email address, phone number or user ID, then click continue.
  3. Next, verify your identity. You can choose to have a code emailed to you, texted to you, or recover your account a different way (which takes longer).  Click continue.
  4. If you received a text, enter the number code that you received and click continue.  If you received an email, click Reset Password on the email you receive.
  5. Create your new password, then click Reset Password.
  6. Let's add your current mobile number may appear. You can skip this step, but we highly recommend adding your mobile number for a faster way to verify your account credentials.
  7. You'll see your profile information; you can update this information, or click exit.
  8. Return to the Intuit ID login screen in Quicken, and re-enter your login and new password to access your file.  Remember: if you're temporarily locked out, wait the full 15 minutes before attempting to log in with your new password.

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